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The Memory Catcher

 An inspiring true story 

Have you ever been scared or uncertain, knowing you have something to do for God, but are not sure how to do it?

When Sarah Hinze lost a baby to miscarriage, she found comfort in a dream where she saw her unborn daughter. Later, she wondered if other mother’s had seen their unborn children too – guardian angels who watch over us before they are born.

Sarah distributed a flyer in her home town and within a few days, another mother contacted her. “I saw my unborn daughter in a dream and want to tell you about it.”

Before long, people from all over the world were contacting her sharing memories of unborn children; uplifting and remarkable accounts of parents and families who had the opportunity to meet the souls of their sons and daughters before they were born. She published several books supporting evidence that unborn children can warn, protect and enlighten us from another plane of existence. Most often they appear to announce it is their time to be born, but even she became skeptical when she started receiving stories most unusual – what about those who had been aborted?

What started out as a mission to understand what happened to her own miscarried child lead to a discovery she never intended to find.

Now, for the first time, author and researcher Sarah Hinze shares the key experiences that shaped her life and set her on course to become The Memory Catcher – one’s of the Lord’s most dedicated advocates of the unborn.



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An Inspiring Story

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